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Williams Analytics LLC greatly values its customers' and stakeholders' data, confidentiality, and privacy. The following policy guidelines detail how Williams Analytics LLC cares for and protects its customers' and stakeholders' data.


Data we and/or they retain for our customers includes, but is not limited to their log-in user name, log-in password, first name, last name, preferred name, company name, industry, job title, street address, apartment/unit number, city, state, zip code, preferred telephone number, preferred fax number, primary/preferred email address, secondary email address(es), referral information, interests, social media information, and so on. Also, depending on their transaction history with Williams Analytics LLC, Williams Analytics LLC may also keep web traffic data, including both traffic external to and internal within the Williams Analytics LLC site(s), cookies, transactions history and behavior, shopping cart information, and so on.


Williams Analytics LLC does NOT, however, except in cases where stipulated by contract, retain clients' payment (e.g. credit card) information but, instead, uses a third-party payment processing site which may, or may not, retain customers' payment information. This processor has been chosen, among other factors, for their policies, procedures, and general dedication to processing our customers' payments accurately, securely, in real time, and in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards outlined by the PCI Security Standards Council. Additionally, Williams Analytics LLC does NOT see or otherwise have knowledge of customers' submitted payment information with the exception of limited information regarding potential fraud, abuse of Williams Analytics LLC's policies, abuse of our payment gateway's policies, cancellations, returns, etc. 


Williams Analytics LLC reserves the right to use the above-mentioned data collection and retention database to optimize its product/service offerings, to optimize promotional, marketing, and advertising efforts, web development, outreach efforts, and so on. Williams Analytics LLC does NOT sell, barter, trade, or otherwise willingly reveal customers' information to any affiliates, competitors, sub-contractors, or anyone else unless explicitly requested by the customer or for the purposes of contract fulfillment. If the client so allows, Williams Analytics LLC will share a limited amount of contact-based information to trusted third-party sites. Additionally, Williams Analytics LLC pledges to only reveal customer information under penalty of search warrant served by an appropriate regulatory or security arm/agency of the United States government and will make every attempt, where possible and legal, to notify a given customer of Williams Analytics LLC's compliance with governmental- and regulatory body-data requests, including search warrants, unless explicitly restricted by said agency.


Customers may, with explicit, user-verified, written instructions, contact Williams Analytics LLC regarding the information we have collected on them. Additionally, Williams Analytics LLC offers to add, modify, or even delete any/all personally-identifiable information when said information is not related to prior and/or pending transactions. For data associated with customer accounts where purchases have been made or products/services still are pending fulfillment, Williams Analytics LLC reserves the right to maintain records of such transactions and any linked personal customer information for up to ten additional years past the final product/service fulfillment date or transaction date, whichever is longer. Note that Williams Analytics LLC will work to the best of its ability to fulfill reasonable information retention change requests, as necessary, warranted, and allowed, but that it does not guarantee a time window of removal nor does it accept responsibility for losses associated with such retention.


Given Williams Analytics LLC's commitment to our customers', clients', and affiliates' data privacy, Williams Analytics LLC will notify parties when their data may have been or, in fact has been, compromised. We will also endeavor to, on a timely basis, inform parties of the extent of such data breaches, and what Williams Analytics LLC is doing to remedy the issue, ensure it does not happen again, and of any compensation, if any, we are willing to offer for such a breach, as a voluntary and conciliatory gesture of good will.


Note that any blog posts, social media posts, customer-supplied commentary, and so on is considered "public information" and, as such, is subject to archiving and displaying at any time and Williams Analytics LLC will not censor such posting unless deemed inappropriate or against the interests of Williams Analytics LLC and/or its affiliates.


Also note that the client is wholly responsible for the security of their end of the communication chain. As such, Williams Analytics LLC refuses any and all responsibility or liability caused by a security breach of a client's contact information (e.g. a "hacked" email account) not originally caused by Williams Analytics LLC. Thus, Williams Analytics LLC will not be held liable for client information, personal, business, payment, or otherwise, lost due to client security weaknesses. Williams Analytics LLC encourages its customers to employ active security measures for their communication devises, especially computer and electronic correspondence, including routine password changes, double-authentication methods, anti-virus protection (active and routine scans), and the like. Williams Analytics LLC also asks its customers to notify Williams Analytics LLC of an actual or suspected breach as soon as humanly possible so Williams Analytics LLC may take the appropriate actions to secure both the account at hand as well as its other customers.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this policy or any other Williams Analytics LLC policy, please contact us today for clarification.



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