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Williams Analytics LLC actively encourages and participates in cross-linking with other, related, third-party sites. Williams Analytics LLC recognizes and appreciates its network of cross-promoters and affiliates and seeks networking, cross-linking, and cross-promotional opportunities where mutually beneficial.


Williams Analytics LLC's policies regarding its Referral Program, including referral-based bonuses can be found here. Note that the Referral Program policy supersedes and governs this, current, Linking Policy.


Williams Analytics LLC welcomes any and all linking requests, although it reserves the right to deny cross-linking as it sees fit. All potential third-party links will be thoroughly vetted to ensure their validity and to ensure that the third-party's interests and dedication to customer service are to Williams Analytics LLC's high standards. Third-party link requests can expect to receive notification of acceptance or rejection, as the case may be, of a reciprocal linking-agreement within approximately seven business days.


Williams Analytics LLC also periodically monitors existing third-party links, vendors, and affiliates to ensure that both Williams Analytics LLC and the related party are mutually satisfied with the arrangement. In cases where Williams Analytics LLC has concerns regarding one of its third-party links, Williams Analytics LLC will attempt to resolve any real or perceived issue(s), in writing, while always retaining the unilateral right to withdraw from a linking agreement when continued linking would be unsuitable to Williams Analytics LLC's interests. Williams Analytics LLC accepts no responsibility for loss, real or perceived, to or by anyone based on its linking with other, third party websites, past or present, or of its linking policies, or changes thereto.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this policy or any other Williams Analytics LLC policy, please contact us today for clarification.


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