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Dispute Resolution Policy



Williams Analytics LLC pledges, when possible, to work with its customers in a reasonable, timely, and mutually beneficial way in accordance with Williams Analytics LLC's various policies and written contracts. Williams Analytics LLC's customers are always free and encouraged to contact Williams Analytics  LLC with concerns, past or present, as soon as those concerns arise. Williams Analytics LLC will assign a Resolution Ticket number to the concern and will inform the concerned party or parties of future resolution steps to occur.


Williams Analytics LLC will typically verify the existence of the issue and compare the concern(s) with the relevant information at hand as well as any with Williams Analytics LLC policy or policies. This information and policy consultation may include continued contact with the concerned party to further the discovery phase. After sufficient investigation and consultation with both the concerned party as well as existing Williams Analytics LLC's policies, Williams Analytics LLC will make a determination of whether an issue still exists and, if so, how best to resolve the issue.


In cases where Williams Analytics LLC's polices cover the issue at hand, Williams Analytics LLC will determine which, if any side were responsible for the issue. In cases where Williams Analytics LLC is clearly at fault, we pledge to resolve the issue at the earliest possible time while, if warranted by policies or contract, providing for reasonable remedies to the damaged party. In cases where joint fault is at hand, Williams Analytics LLC will work with the client to best resolve the issue in a mutually beneficial and amicable way. In cases where the client is in breach or violation of one or more of Williams Analytics LLC's policies or of a written contract with Williams Analytics LLC, Williams Analytics LLC reserves the right to hold the client responsible for the terms and conditions agreed to previously.


In cases where Williams Analytics LLC's policies do not sufficiently cover the issue at hand or where such policies are ambiguous, Williams Analytics LLC will work with the client to resolve the issue in a mutually beneficial and amicable way. Additionally, Williams Analytics LLC will strive to alter future policies, procedures, contract language, etc. to ensure that future misunderstandings do not occur.


Note that while Williams Analytics LLC deeply values its affiliates and customers and always seeks to find timely and satisfactory remedies to issues, real or perceived, Williams Analytics LLC reserves the right to enforce, consistently or on a case-by-case basis, the language, explicit and implied, within its policies and written contracts.


Also note that Williams Analytics LLC pledges to afford the same level of dedication and cooperation with its vendors and affiliates as it does its customers. Williams Analytics LLC appreciates and values those who help it achieve absolute customer excellence and pledges to do every reasonable thing in its power to ensure its vendors, affiliates, and customers are completely satisfied.


Note that external parties are entirely responsible for ensuring they are knowledgeable of and adhere to, in both letter and spirit, Williams Analytics LLC's latest policy set. Williams Analytics LLC's various policy sets may change, sometimes without notice, so please refer back to its various policies and procedures periodically.


If you are a customer, affiliate, or vendor of Williams Analytics LLC and you have a concern, please contact us at your earliest possible convenience, preferably by email. In your correspondence, please include a date/time the issue occurred, who (if anyone) you have spoken to previously, why you think the issue has occurred, and if possible, what you would like Williams Analytics LLC to do to resolve the issue.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this policy or any other Williams Analytics LLC policy, please contact us today for clarification.


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