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Cancellation & Return Policy



Williams Analytics LLC respects customer choice and offers its customers and clients, where possible, the ability to return products and/or services for a variety reasons which may result in a variety of options to the client, as specified below.


For any non-standardized product or service, for example non-standardized subscriptions, subscriptions with pre-defined minimum subscription lengths, bespoke subscriptions and services, etc., Williams Analytics LLC will respect qualified, verified, and applicable customer requests for refunds as long as such requests do not cause conflicts with or violations of other Williams Analytics LLC policies, especially those related to Williams Analytics LLC's Referral Program Policy, the current Cancellation and Return Policy, and its Dispute Resolution Policy.


Qualified and applicable customer requests will be those that are:


• Explicitly stated in writing


• Verified for authenticity


• Provided to Williams Analytics LLC in a way and under a time frame such that Williams Analytics LLC can reasonably respond to such requests


• Where a given product or service has more than 30% of the lesser of its usable life, subscription term, or monetary value left


• Where a given product's or service's original, post-discount value exceeds $40 USD at the time of the transaction


• Product or service has more than 30 calendar days left on its subscription


• Not subject to a continuing pattern of detected or reasonably suspected fraud, abuse, or abuse/violation of Williams Analytics LLC's various explicit and implicit terms, policies, procedures, etc.


• Not a product or service offered free either for promotional, introductory, or customer-retention purposes


• Not a product or service where said product's or service's provision-contract explicitly forbids or restricts cancellations and/or returns (at which point the provision-contract supercedes this Cancellation and Return Policy)


For qualified non-standardized products and/or services, Williams Analytics LLC does, however, reserve the right to assess reasonable fees for request-processing expenses, usable life prorating, etc. Williams Analytics LLC's current refund amount formula for qualified cancellation and refund requests is as follows, using, for example, usable and total life as prorating amounts:


(Usable Life/Total Life)*Transacted Amount*(1 - Processing %)


where "Transacted Amount" is the whole amount originally charged to the customer's payment method (i.e. post-discount, if applicable); "Processing %" is a processing fee, currently set at 10%, compensating Williams Analytics LLC for revenue losses and transactions expenses associated with the resolution of a cancellation and return request. Note that if the refunded amount is less than or equal to $0.01 USD, the customer will not be allowed to cancel or return said product and/or service. Also, due to extreme exchange rate fluctuations, non-US customers may be subject to refund amounts different than those under no exchange rate fluctuations.


Williams Analytics LLC will act with reasonable haste to resolve and compensate qualified cancellation and return requests where the calculated refund amount exceeds $0.01 USD. Williams Analytics LLC will, at the direction of the customer or client, refund qualified amounts by check or charge-back to credit card(s) or other payment method (e.g. PayPal).


Customers making non-standardized cancellation and refund requests should expect to have said request answered and addressed within five business days. Note that Williams Analytics LLC accepts no responsibility or loss for failures of the payment gateway and/or credit card vendor(s) to process refund amount requests made by Williams Analytics LLC, yet our customers and clients should rest assure that Williams Analytics LLC will endeavor to ensure charge-backs are processed in a timely manner by the payment processor and/or payment gateway.


Note that, once purchased and once payment has been made from the client to one or more of Williams Analytics LLC's payment gateways, Williams Analytics LLC's clients may not decline any product or service, in part or in full, and must, instead, go through the cancellation and return procedures noted in this policy while accepting the various potential penalties and losses associated with doing so.


For any non-subscription products and/or services delivered and/or rendered, whether standardized, customized, or completely bespoke, Williams Analytics LLC will defer to the individual contract(s) written between Williams Analytics LLC and the client. In cases where the contract either does not explicitly specify remedies for return requests, Williams Analytics LLC reserves the right to apply this current Cancellation & Return policy. Alternatively, Williams Analytics LLC may reserve the right to refuse requests for refunds for non-subscription orders without explicit cancellation and return contract language, except in the case of extenuating circumstances, noted on a case-by-case basis and as determined by an appropriate representative of Williams Analytics LLC. Williams Analytics LLC will, however, and on a case-by-case basis, and at its ultimate discretion, consider customer requests for work stoppages along with associated billing stoppages that are not explicitly covered in the service provision agreement.


In addition, Williams Analytics LLC reserves the right to enact appropriate referral bonus clawbacks associated with any granted refund request. Unless otherwise noted or agreed upon, referral clawbacks will be applicable for the referee only and NOT the client seeking a cancellation and/or refund. Thus, to stress, the client is not responsible for referral bonuses or referral bonus clawbacks at the time of a cancellation and/or refund. Note that Williams Analytics LLC also reserves the right to deny referral bonuses to individuals or groups detected or suspected of abusing Williams Analytics LLC's various policies, especially those related to Williams Analytics LLC's Referral Program, Cancellation & Return, and Dispute Resolution Policies. For more information regarding Williams Analytics' policies on its referral program and/or referral bonus clawbacks, please go here.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this policy or any other Williams Analytics LLC policy, please contact us today for clarification.



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