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Anti-Piracy Policy & Reward Program



Williams Analytics LLC defines "piracy", an illegal act, as using one or more Williams Analytics LLC products or services without a license and/or subscription. Additionally, piracy can include acts, willful or otherwise, where a client exceeds the scope of a product's and/or service's permitted use.


Common examples of piracy include (but are not limited to):


• Sharing one or more of your passwords, user ID's, and/or Williams Analytics LLC product or service with others.


• Logging into a portion of the Williams Analytics LLC website (e.g. Subscriber Center) using someone else’s user ID, password, and credentials.


• Using one license, shared account, or shared Williams Analytics LLC product or service for multiple users.


• Redistributing electronic copies of Williams Analytics products and/or services either electronically (e.g. via email, screenshot, etc.) or physically (e.g. via fax, photocopy, etc.).


• Using a Williams Analytics LLC account, license, and/or subscription under one name (e.g. your own personal account) while working for a separate, unlicensed company with data analytic and information needs.


• Downloading information, graphs, tables, or photos from Williams Analytics LLC into an internal database without written permission from Williams Analytics LLC.


• Using, copying, retaining, or distributing any part of any Williams Analytics LLC product and/or service in connection with creating or maintaining another information-based service or product.


• Canceling a Williams Analytics LLC product and/or service while retaining Williams Analytics LLC content for use after termination of your license or subscription.


• Reselling any portion of a Williams Analytics LLC product and/or service.


The penalties for piracy are high. In civil cases, infringers can be liable for Williams Analytics LLC's lost profits, the infringer’s profits, or statutory damages of up to $150,000 per work infringed (plus attorney fees for Williams Analytics LLC). In addition, certain types of piracy can be criminally prosecuted.


In terms of preventing abuse, the first and best policy is to play it safe. Be weary if it seems like you may be potentially violating the law, a user agreement, a contract, etc. Of course, you may always contact Williams Analytics LLC to get our opinion and, quite possibly our approval, of what you had in mind.


Second, if you have not already done so, designate someone within your company to be in charge of managing subscriptions and/or products you have purchased from Williams Analytics LLC. This administrator, for example, could ensure that people separated from you firm no longer have access to Williams Analytics LLC material; that Williams Analytics is notified of product/service sharing and when another license, subscription, etc. may need to be purchased; that everyone within your organization uses Williams Analytics LLC products and/or services as they were designed to be used and in accordance with any User Agreements, other Williams Analytics LLC policies, or other, contractual agreements; and so on.


Third, institute a set of procedures to prevent and report possible piracy and violations. For example, and perhaps with the help of a designated Intellectual Property Administrator, you could review the details of any contract, subscription, and/or license language. This can help you determine how many sites (“Authorized Sites”) and/or users (“Authorized Users”) should have access to a particular product and/or service from Williams Analytics LLC. From there, you can then identify particular sites and/or individuals who are currently designated as Authorized Sites and Authorized Users under your license. Next, with all of the above information, you can audit your usage of Williams Analytics LLC material by asking, for example:


• Are any of your Authorized Users based at a site that is not licensed?


• Do the total number of your brokerage, research, and other potentially data-seeking professionals exceed the number of Authorized Users?


• Do any of the individuals designated as Authorized Users under your license work for a separate company with information or analytical needs?


• Does your company provide any information to listing services or other information providers without appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure that you do not provide photos or information obtained from Williams Analytics LLC?


• Does your company populate an internal database of information without appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure that you do not incorporate any information or analyses obtained from Williams Analytics LLC without permission?


• Are any of your Authorized Users sharing their user ID's, passwords, etc. or sharing single-license/subscription Williams Analytics LLC data, products, and/or services?


Fourth, if you've answered “yes” to any of the above, you may be in (internal) violation of your contractual, subscription, and/or Terms of Use agreement(s) with Williams Analytics LLC. In that case, contact us  immediately so that we may come to a mutual resolution of any possible issue. Naturally, if you need assistance with any one of these steps, please contact us as soon as possible; we're here to serve, protect, and help.


Fifth, and finally, if you suspect abuse or misuse of one or more Williams Analytics LLC products and/or services or, alternatively, of one or more of Williams Analytics LLC's policies, contracts, etc., please contact us by email:


or by US Mail:


Williams Analytics LLC

Attn: Piracy

PO Box 804670

Chicago, IL 60680


When you submit a Piracy Report, Williams Analytics LLC will not publicly disclose your identity without your consent, except when requested by a government or law enforcement agency, or subject to a valid discovery request or court subpoena.


Finally, keep in mind that Williams Analytics LLC actively rewards those who help spot, prevent, and punish piracy, fraud, and unauthorized use of Williams Analytics LLC products and/or services. Specifically, when you help Williams Analytics LLC bring or refer successful legal action against those involved in data theft, abuse, misuse, illegal sharing, etc., where the net judgment exceeds $10,000 in payments to Williams Analytics LLC, Williams Analytics LLC is prepared to share the greater of $5,000 or 25% of any net monetary payment made to Williams Analytics LLC resulting from prosecution.


Specific provisions to our Anti-Piracy Rewards Program are as follows:


• A reward of the greater of 25% of any net monetary payment to Williams Analytics LLC after legal fees, associated expenses, etc. or $5,000 (the “Reward") shall be paid to a person (the “Submitter”) who provides Williams Analytics LLC with information (a “Report”) that directly leads to Williams Analytics LLC receiving a net monetary payment of $10,000 or more from the individual and/or entity being reported for piracy, whether from a civil or criminal action or settlement agreement.


• The Submitter must submit information that is reliable and accurate to the best of his or her personal knowledge, and s/he must be willing to respond promptly to follow up questions to obtain necessary details concerning the Report.


• A Submitter is not eligible to receive a Reward if s/he is a government employee or is an employee or independent contractor of Williams Analytics LLC or its affiliates.


• A Submitter is not eligible to receive a Reward if s/he personally participated in the piracy, except where s/he was expressly and verifiably told to do so by a superior.


• Williams Analytics LLC will not publicly disclose the identity of the Submitter without consent, except where lawfully requested by a government agency, law enforcement agency, or where the identity is subject to a court subpoena or valid discovery request.


• A Report providing information already known to Williams Analytics LLC shall not be considered for a possible Reward payment. If multiple Submitters report on the same act, or related acts of piracy, Williams Analytics LLC may elect to pay only one reward to one Submitter per piracy matter. In that case, Williams Analytics LLC will choose at its sole discretion which Submitter shall receive a Reward. Williams Analytics LLC will have no obligation to pay more than one reward per piracy matter.


• A Report shall not be considered for a possible Reward payment unless the Report is provided to Williams Analytics LLC via Williams Analytics LLC's email (i.e. [email protected] ), or via US Mail as described above.


• All decisions as to whether and how to follow up on a Report, institute or settle an action, revise these Reward Program Terms & Conditions, discontinue the Reward Program, and/or determine if a particular Report qualifies for and should result in a Reward payment shall be made by Williams Analytics LLC at its sole discretion.


• A Submitter is not entitled to know the status and/or details of any investigation, enforcement proceeding, or dispute resolution. A Submitter is entitled to inquire only as to whether s/he falls into one of the following categories: a.) will not receive a Reward, b.) yet to be determined if s/he will be paid a Reward, or c.) will receive a Reward.


• Before a Reward can be paid, the Submitter will need to provide Williams Analytics with her/his social security number for tax reporting purposes only. Williams Analytics LLC will only request this number when it has determined that the Submitter will receive a Reward.


• Rewards will not be available where prohibited by federal, state or local law or regulations, or by applicable canons of professional responsibility or similar guidelines. The Submitter’s submission of the report must not violate any contract or other legally-binding agreement between the Submitter and the target company or a third party.


• Williams Analytics may terminate the Reward Program at any time for any reason.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this policy or any other Williams Analytics LLC policy, please contact us today for clarification.


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